Inconvenient News,
       by smintheus

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

  Guantanamo commander has lost confidence in prisoners.

Michael Gordon, a reporter on the scene in Guantanamo, has been filing stories from the prison for several days since the triple suicide last week. Today the Charlotte Observer published this extraordinary report, which quotes the Gitmo commander stating that he has decided it's time to clamp down on the prisoners. Could you ask for stronger confirmation of the administration's frequent claims, so often hooted down, that the detainees really are living the life of Reilly.

"Right now, we are at ground zero," an emotional prison commander, Col. Mike Bumgarner told his officers at his morning staff meeting.

"The trust level is gone. They have shown time and time again that we can't trust them any farther than we can throw them. There is not a trustworthy son of a ... in the entire bunch."

Because they're always going and doing things without permission, like committing suicide. You'd think after being held all these years incommunicado, the prisoners would have built up a measure of trust with their guards. Or at least some loyalty.

I suppose this is what we get for treating them like Guests of the Nation. I know I'll never feel the same about them again.


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