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Friday, June 09, 2006

  Pentagon psy-ops

While Billmon is always a delight, this post is so good that it deserves to be immortalized over here: Entertainment News Tonight.

The Abu Zarqawi Hour debuted to generally favorable reviews, with New York Times critic Dexter Filkins praising the show for its "imaginative" storytelling and "gritty" realism. However, ratings declined sharply in 2005, with many viewers complaining that the show's episodes, which frequently featured the death and/or capture of Zarqawi's closest lieutenants, had become repetitive and unimaginative.

And for something a little more serious, there is this report by Daniel Schulman at the Columbia Journalism Review. I've been meaning for days to discuss the piece because it's outstanding, and thorough. But, anyhow, Billmon has just given you the gist of it.


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