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       by smintheus

Saturday, June 10, 2006

  If hindsight was 20/20

If hindsight was 20-20, they should have thought about the repercussions. The biggest mistake was going into Iraq in the first place, if you know what I mean. Somebody really should of thought about that in advance, what kind of mistake it was going to be, before they went ahead and did it. If they would have known there was going to be repercussions, then they could of just stayed out. But I guess 20-20 hindsight is always pretty good.

Is that the latest People? You done with it? I wish they'd turn the volume up, you can barely hear Wolf with all this noise.

I guess everybody agrees it was a mistake now. Wish we could rewind that tape and do it over. Do it right this time, though, no more mistakes. I think Bush had bad advice, that's all. Somebody should of told him, yeah that's my bag. Somebody should of told him it was a mistake ta, y'know, send troops overseas, keep your eye on Osama. Wish somebody had told us it would of been a mistake at the time. Then we wouldn't be in this mess we are in now.

Boy, how `bout those massacres? Ours, I mean, not the...killings and all that stuff goin' on over there. I think they're doing everything possible to avoid such things. Whether the allegations are true or not, I mean. But, still, they happen in any war.

Have you seen this baby's picture? Can't pronounce his name, but boy did they have to pay a lot for that one. I heard it was like ten a hundred thousand dollars.

But there are always gonna be massacres, which is why you got to be sure it's not a mistake before you go and invade. The people they are seeking out, they are living right in the middle of all these civilians. What did they expect?

There are always going to be casualties when you have to shoot up houses. But I support the troops no matter what. Those are just isolated events, you know what I mean, those massacres.

It was just a mistake, that's what it really was. The sad thing is that people have neighbors and cousins there, y'know what I mean?


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