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Thursday, June 25, 2009

  America, here is your neoconservative

Neocon Gary Schmitt is in a snit over the US soccer team's unprecedented victory in the FIFA confederations cup semifinals against Spain. His rant at the American Enterprise blog perfectly embodies the neoconservative philosophy that knowledge is an impediment to understanding.

Schmitt formerly devoted his vast abilities to cheerleading for an invasion of Iraq at the Project for a New American Century. Fresh off that resounding success, he's now taking on the threat posed by the rise in popularity of soccer inside the US. A veritable dagger aimed at the soft underbelly of the American heartland.

He denounces the US victory because the Spaniards had more shots on goal but still lost the match.

As someone who didn’t play soccer growing up, but had a dad who did and whose own kids played as well, I can say unquestionably that it is the sport in which the team that dominates loses more often than any other major sport I know of. Or, to put it more bluntly, the team that deserves to win doesn’t. For some soccer-loving friends, this is perfectly okay. Indeed, they will argue that it’s a healthy, conservative reminder of how justice does not always prevail in life.

Well, hooey on that. And, thankfully, Americans are not buying it. In spite of the fact that one can drive by an open field on Saturdays and usually see it filled with young boys and girls playing soccer, the game’s popularity has not moved anywhere toward being a major sport here in the United States.

Had this super patriot ever bothered to learn how to play soccer (as I once did), he might have figured out that the whole point of the game is to shoot the ball into the back, not just the front, of the net.

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