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Friday, October 12, 2007

  Zombies to the left, super-patriots to the right

crossposted from the zombie-kingdom,

It turns out that the founder of, em dash, is a zombie in the pay of Hillary Clinton. Until today, my guess is that you would not known that. Read the infinitely entertaining Mr. Richard Poe for all the chilling details.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usPoe has spent many years working with the equally perspicacious David Horowitz to uncover all manner of left-wing conspiracies, shining particular light on the less real ones.

Poe has maintained an exhaustive, and still expanding, list of enemies. Some no doubt are personal enemies (neighbors, for example), others (perhaps the majority) are enemies of all mankind—enemies such as the late philosopher Karl Popper, a famous anti-totalitarian and exponent of the ‘Open Society’. Near the top of Poe’s list are George Soros and Hillary Clinton

Clinton, Poe has learned, has a secret “far-left agenda” that she’ll impose on America once she seizes control of the government. It turns out that our own em dash is part of Clinton’s secret conspiracy, as Poe has can now reveal.

Can it be that leaders of the leftwing blogosphere suck their nourishment directly from the swollen teat of Senator Clinton’s pendulous fundraising apparatus?

Oh yes, it can. There is a veritable army of zombie-bloggers sucking at Clinton’s pendulous swollen teats of nourishment. For Clinton "helped to start and support" Media Matters for America, which allegedly rents out some office space to the Center for Independent Media, which once gave a fellowship to em dash.

Em dash, you zombie, you’re out in the open now.

I must apologize then to faithful readers of, who might well feel that they have been duped by our pretence of reporting on facts and such at this site. There were no facts, there was no such. We are an army of zombies working to impose Hillary Clinton’s swollen teats upon an unsuspecting nation of innocents.

The recent post at unbossed tearing Clinton down for her bellicose foreign policy and hawkish advisers? A mere ruse to distract you, the reader, from our secret zombie endeavors.

The post denouncing Clinton and other Congressional hawks for disowning their 2002 vote that gave George Bush a blank check to invade Iraq? The description of Clinton the presidential candidate as a ”jellyfish”? Well, we fooled you, didn’t we?

And the cleverest ruse of all has been this one: Aside from taking the occasional swipe at Hillary Clinton, has mostly ignored her. Now that is deep zombie cover for you. You’d never have guessed whence we take our marching orders.

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