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Monday, January 22, 2007

  Traitors in Congress

There are members of Congress who don't support our troops, and I want to tell them all point blank: You're very bad men!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usGeorge Bush made this point on Thursday in an interview with a Dallas station, WFAA. He'd been asked by the interviewer about the proposed non-binding resolution on Iraq that has been introduced in Congress, and Tony Snow's statement that members of Congress need to be careful about the message they're sending by supporting it. President Bush upped the ante against Congress, so to speak:

"Now one thing it's fine to have a debate, but I don't want our kids [actually, he means 'our troops fighting in Iraq'] to be dispirited or discouraged. Because I support them and most members of Congress support 'em too, don't get me wrong."

Image Hosted by So there. It's up to the members of Congress who are not traitors to single out those who are. Indeed, longtime war-cheerleader and hail-fellow, William Kristol, would go farther. He thinks (Democratic) members of Congress have no business even criticizing this President's war policies. Kristol argued on Sunday that they should just shut altogether for an extended period of time. He thinks that "six to nine months" (one to one-and-a-half Friedmans) is about the right length for their vow of silence.

They’re playing — they’re leap-frogging each other in the degrees of irresponsibility they’re willing to advocate. And I really think people are being too sort of complacent and forgiving almost of the Democrats. ‘Oh, it’s politics, of course. One of them has a non-binding resolution. The other has a cap.’ It’s all totally irresponsible. It’s just unbelievable. The president is sending over a new commander, he’s sending over troops, and the Democratic Congress, in a pseudo-binding way or non-binding way, is saying, ‘It won’t work. Forget it. You troops, you’re going over there in a pointless mission. Iraqis who might side with us, forget it, we’re going to pull the plug.’ It’s so irresponsible that they can’t be quiet for six or nine months and say the president has made a decision, we’re not going to change that decision, we’re not going to cut off funds and insist on the troops coming back, so let’s give it a chance to work. You really wonder, do they want it to work or not? I really wonder that. I hate to say this about the Democrats. They’re people I know personally and I respect some of them. Do they want it to succeed or not?

The question answers itself. Why would any members of Congress spend so much time worrying about the disaster in Iraq, and getting all inquisitive-like, if they cared in the least about our troops?

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