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Saturday, December 09, 2006

  Bill Frist looks toward his legacy.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usJoining a tragic chorus of defeated and retiring legislators in their exodos, Sen. Frist delivered himself of a tedious and maudlin farewell speech in praise of himself. Along the way, Frist also found time to laud several stray individuals who had the bad luck to need his help over the years.

An exaggerated appreciation for his own career was about the extent of introspection on display, however. It was a meandering speech in search of a theme, any theme. I think the Senator missed his best opportunity to identify his legacy right at the outset:

About two months ago, on a late Sunday afternoon when no one was around, I slipped into this chamber to carry out a time honored tradition, nearly as old as this institution itself.

I sat down at this desk, and I opened the drawer to carve my name where previous senate leaders had left theirs: Robert Taft, Hugh Scott, Everett Dirksen, Howard Baker … Your name carved deeply into the bottom of the oak drawer is the only thing permanent that one leaves around this place.

In point of fact, Sen. Frist has left a permanent and gaping hole in the center of thousands of American families, forever bereft of loved ones who died in the war that Frist helped the President gin up. That, rather than the smaller act of vandalism he refers to, will be his legacy.

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